Jeff the Trainer and Third Power Fitness

Recently, UD got a chance to speak with the Jeff Simmons, a personal trainer and owner and founder of Third Power Fitness, an emerging fitness and lifestyle brand. Jeff’s business focuses on a specific set of fitness principles with an emphasis on personal development by fostering emotional and mental growth in the process. What Jeff describes is a unique approach fitness while bringing a harrowing personal story of his own. 

 Jeff Simmons (aka Jeff the Trainer)

Jeff Simmons (aka Jeff the Trainer)

UD: Jeff, Thank You for speaking with us today. Let’s start out first about how you started. What made you want to get into fitness as a career in the first place?

Jeff: Thanks for talking with me. I got into personal training specifically a couple years ago. I started as a kid playing football. Playing through College and that was my introduction to fitness. Lifting weights and things like that. My Freshman year of high school in football, I was playing with guys who were pretty strong but I wasn’t so a coach would take me aside to do bodyweight workouts. That kind of sparked me to go above and beyond when I was in the gym. 

My goal in college was to be a physical therapist. But I ended up moving into training at a gym and since then I’ve been training

Never met my Biological father and my mother got remarried but with all that I knew there was a man that was my biological father. I grew up a very pissed off young kid as a result. The gym to me has always been a sanctuary of sorts for me to deal with those issues. 


UD: Can you tell us a little more about your fitness brand ‘Third Power Fitness’?


Jeff: Basically, I focus on three key aspects of health: movement, resistance, and recovery. With the movement principle, I like for my clients to focus on some cardio and agility, as well as flexibility. With resistance, I believe there should be some lifting or resistance present in your workout. In terms of recovery, I place a great emphasis on rest and proper nutrition. I probably stress recovery the most because that is where the results come from. 

I also write programs and meal plans, coach group sessions, and I’m also beginning to sell Merchandise.


UD: How long have you been in business and what made you start it?

Jeff: Started the business full time this past year on January 1st. No real business plan, No capital, it was just something I wanted to do and I was passionate about it. 


UD: Fitness is becoming a big industry and there are a lot of players out there. What makes you stand out from other trainers and fitness brands?


Jeff: I don’t view people just on a clientele basis. It starts by building a strong relationship on an emotional level. I care more than just physical fitness. I care about clients mental and psychological health as well. I like helping people change their perspective as far as being healthy is concerned. I teach people how their fitness and health routine on the other aspects of their life. A lot of other trainers focus on just the results, I want people who come to me to feel better for the rest of their lives. 


UD: What are your goals for Third Power Fitness and how do you plan to accomplish those goals? 

Jeff: My 5-year plan is to build the brand to a million dollar coaching and fitness company and gaining more exposure and the main thing. Helping and serving people is the ultimate goal.

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