Samsung is bringing a new definition to smart-cars

Samsung is attempting to branch from the personal technology industry, by adding a new element to their already elaborate product line: the acquisition of Harman for an overwhelming $8 billion. This purchase is one of the largest for this "tech-inno" giant!! The primary goal of this change is to give Samsung the ability to move their technology into the automobile industry, in the wake of the HUGE fiasco with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and their infamous battery bombs.


They can't even have their phones on planes, and now they want to invest in cars? INSANITY!!


This is considered to be a very bold move for the South Korean company. It has been recorded as the largest ever acquisition in the company's history. In the recent move for smarter cars on our busy highways and roads, Samsung aims to stay at the forefront of innovation and improvement in this industry. The main interest the company has with the audio pioneers, with successes such as Harman Kardon and JBL, is the software capabilities and advances by Harman into the navigation systems within the vehicles themselves. 


What do two tech companies know about cars?


Harman has previously invested and developed partnerships with multiple car manufacturers, such as BMW, Volkswagen, GM, and others. Samsung hopes to harness those relationships and provide better coverage and services to said manufacturers through overall car connectivity. The image of a self-driving car is fast approaching, with this power move by two tech giants easily standing as the tipping point for the future of the personal automobile and its human companion, the driver.


The purchase was made shortly after the American microchip producer, Qualcomm agreed to purchase NXP Semiconductors, in an effort to build higher quality ECU chips for the cars of the future. With these recent advancements, it seems as though the self-driving car, Kit from Night Rider, could be here sooner than the public may think! Since Samsung's statement to acquire Harman, many digital giants such as Apple and Google have also stepped up and taken interest in the car manufacturing world. Imagine if, in the future, your iPhone and MacBook can communicate with your car for seamless music, navigation, as well as many other useful systems such as engine diagnostics. The possibilities are endless! We live in an exciting and fast-developing world, just make sure you can keep up!


Samsung has bought a few duds of companies in the past, hoping with each one that it will be better than the last. With the purchase of Harman, Samsung hopes to end the long losing streak they have had when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. Here is a look at the past purchases made by the corporation:

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