Trump elected 45th President. Grand Scammer? The people decide

November 8th was considered by some to be one of the most stressful days they have ever encountered throughout their lives. Some called it the "modern day apocalypse". The final result? Donald J. Trump elected as the next president of the United States. This not only affects domestic but also foreign policies and issues. BUT, is Donald Trump really living up to his word now that his campaigning days are behind him? 


Throughout the campaign, multiple statements were made by Trump pertaining to the LGBTQ community, our neighbors to the south, as well as many others. Now, it is known, not every promise made by a president can be upheld. There has not been a single President in the history of our country that has been able to withhold all promises made during the initial campaign. However, Trump seemed to go back on multiple major issues that were brought to attention during the campaign itself.


Why the Unanimous Doubt?

Some reporters seem to believe it is from is lack of experience in the political realm. Trump is the first President-elect that has never previously served any sort of political office. Many people were mistaken at the fact that political experience is a requirement to be able to run as a candidate for President. That myth has officially been debunked! The only two requirements for a person to be qualified to run for President of our great nation, is to be 35 years of age or older, and a United States citizen. This election seems to be the first time issues from this have come about, however, it was possible in past years as well. 


Many other reports have stated that Trump could be attempting to scam the entirety of the American public. There have been multiple news stories stating Trump is the "Grand Scammer" of politics (as stated in the title of this article), going back on his word that he promised to his loyal "Drain the Swamp" following. We want you, as readers of Uncharted Domain, to give your feedback on the Trump presidency and your response to the promises made and promises kept! Click on the Contact page and send us a message!! We look forward to hearing what the public has to say!

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