Political Fight Club

President Trump is picking fights everyone who disagrees with him…including entire countries...



The President spoke with the Prime Minister of Australia over the phone regarding refugees and immigration. Not only was the call reported to be combative in tone with Trump being quoted as saying the discussion was “the worst call by far,” but the call, expected to take at least an hour, was completed in a matter of just 25 minutes, ignoring much of the remaining agenda. This being one of several recent conflicts he’s had with leaders from foreign nations.

                  The two world leaders were slated to discuss the finalized agreement for the relocation of 1,250 Syrian refugees, a deal which was signed by the Obama administration back in November, in the wake of Trump’s immigration/travel ban that includes the indefinite ban of Syrian refugees entering the country. The executive order puts both governments in a difficult positon, with Australia working to get the refugees held in a detainee facility into better living conditions and Us working to maintain its hardline stance on immigration in the name of National Security.

                  Trump has also recently threatened, via twitter, to send troops into Mexico to stop what he called “Bad Hombres.” This statement comes during an already turbulent climate between the two leaders who last week canceled their meeting to discuss the funding of a border wall.

The President has also had issues with China since he took office ever since officially backing out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and braking foreign policy tradition by taking a call from the leader of Taiwan. A Chinese defense official said in statement that war with the US was almost inevitable if the President’s actions continue with the same trend.

The President even issued a strong tone with Iran who conducted missile tests this week. The President and top NSA official Matt Flynn stated that the country was on notice, following the tests. This statement coming again on the heels of a tense week of relations due to Trump's travel ban.


Should you be concerned?

Well everyone should have been a little concerned, when a man with 3rd grade vocabulary and the attention span of ferret became leader of the free world. But should you be worried? In a word, yes, but not for the reasons you might think. One of the problems with hardline views and national exceptionalism as a principle when dealing in foreign relations is that you tend to alienate cultures and people all around the world who will make your life safer. One of the biggest examples of this is the current travel ban. In the attempt to protect ourselves from extremist, we cut off huge swaths of moderate individuals who report suspicious activity in the community. This also comes with many political implications too since the Iran deal signed by President Obama in 2015. While neither party has broken the agreement they signed a year and a half ago, the recent executive orders and rhetoric placed on the administration coupled with the unhinged explosive nature of this administration puts everyone at risk. It also doesn’t help that several national security officials in the Trump administration have come out in favor of invading Iran, almost exactly under the same pretenses as Iraq. The only problem with Iran is that they are more organized as a country; They have a much more sophisticated military and that’s not to mention the factions of rebel, militia, and government backed terrorists organizations that don’t divide the country’s armed forces as it did in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

                  This should be concerning because even people we wouldn’t consider our allies, at least in terms of trade, are being agitated. Mexico and China are among our largest trading partners next to Canada. While we may disagree with these countries and the way they run their countries, maintaining a trade relationship is vital to the nations economy. Damaged relationships with these countries may seem like Trump is “getting tough” on them, when in reality he’s more of a parent trying to ground their 32-year-old child, while you still need their help paying the rent.

                  Congressional lawmakers are scrambling to repair/maintain the relationships that Donald Trump doesn’t seem to care about. The danger of this entire presidency isn’t just the policies or the unhinged behavior of the man who occupies the position; but the leading party that was once opposed to Trump during the campaign, now are lining up with him to protect their party over the country. It’s obvious that Mitch McConnell is opposed to Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist and Paul Ryan and Reince Preibus are struggling just to keep the peace in Congress and the White House.

                  While the Republican party as a whole does have a lot of power, it seems like their key focus is undoing the legacy of the last President without any real ideas of their own. Up until now, the party has been on attack of Obama, Clinton, and the Democratic party as a whole;

 It is important that people, especially young people, to pay attention to these things. It is important to continue peaceful protests, it’s important to continue contact your local officials, and it’s most important that you vote in the upcoming midterm elections. The President can only do so much and getting officials who will stand up to him will be crucial in the next few years.





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