RVA Spotlight: Landon Elliott & The Goods



Now that I have your attention, let me tell you more about this amazing local band I have had the pleasure of stumbling across recently! This is Landon Elliott & The Goods, a group who is very new to the Richmond music scene. I know how talented the local music scene can be, so I sat down with Landon himself to talk more about his new band and their music! Be sure to check out the Wildflowers EP here: Landon Elliott & The Goods Band Camp



Q: What made you start creating & producing music?

A: “Well I grew up in North Carolina and my mom’ side of the family was very involved in music. My mom was a country singer, my uncle was in a reggae band, as well as other musical family members. Basically I was immersed in it throughout life.”


Q: Who would you say is your biggest inspiration as a music artist?

A: “Johnny Cash, Ryan Adams , anything with that country-americano vibe”


Q: Why the move to Virginia?

A: “A girl. We started dating when I still lived in North Carolina, but we both agreed we liked Richmond better, so I moved. Everything worked out, she’s now my wife.”


Q: Any big shows coming up soon?

A: "We're opening for Tina Rose on Feb. 19th, Location TBA; We are also opening for Horse Head at the Camel on March 31st."


Q: Any new albums coming out soon?

A: "No, just the single 'Dagger' on Facebook along with the Wildflowers EP" (available in link above)


Q: If you could hang out with anyone from the past, who would it be and why?

A: "Jimi Hendrix keeps coming to mind. He broke the scene and I believe he was the greatest guitarist that ever lived. He saw things for what they were, regardless of his troubled family background."


Q: What are you most excited about being featured on UD?

A:“It's exciting to see the comradery between Richmond residents, Richmond people supporting Richmond product. Plus hopefully it will help gain new followers“


Be sure to support local music!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/LEandtheGoods/

Band Camp: landonelliottandthegoods.bandcamp.com

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