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I'm sure many of you have seen the video on Youtube or Facebook of the NYC subway dance party. When I saw the video myself, I continued to look into the man behind the magic. His name is Matthew Vorzimer, but he goes by the name eCussionist. Based out of NYC, I decided to reach out to find out more about his style and what gives him his inspiration!


Q: What got you inspired to start mixing music?

A: “Originally, I was just a drummer. I've been writing songs since I was 10. I took a MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) class and a scoring class in film school. A man named George Lewis inspired me by introducing me to a software that improvised random musical responses as he played trombone. He showed me the improv side of electronic music; I started from integrating beat making in studio into live shows, all while dealing with the suspicion from the drumming and the DJ world, because the sound and process was so different."


Q: How do you describe your style?

A: “The goal is to transcend the moment of intellectual response and trigger a more feeling based response. I think I create a sense of unity through music, togetherness, with the intention of bringing people together in an innovative way. Creating a free expression space, while inspiring people."



Q: Did you get a lot of publicity from the video of the Rhianna dance party in the Subway on YouTube?

A: “It was finally when millions of people saw me do something, my following went from small and robust, to being much larger, so I would say that the viral video has gotten me further on my path. I've been playing drums for 20 years, producing for 10, and DJ'ing for 3 (playing gigs since age 11). I moved to NY in 2002, which allowed me to tour and perform with renowned artists such as: Slick Rick, Reggie Workman, Logan Richardson, Cotton Club AllStars, etc.”


Q: Do you have any shows coming up soon?

A: "YES. I am playing the Hotel Grand Union on Jan. 25th from 7-10pm. I am also playing a pop-up party the next day, Jan. 26th on 42nd and 8th. Last but not least, I will be playing on Jan. 28th at Spin NYC from 8pm-1:30am. Come out and support!"


Q: Do you plan to release any music anytime soon?

A: "Absolutely. I have new music, a series of singles, releasing on Soundcloud at the end of January/beginning of February. Stay tuned!"


Q:  3 things you would bring if you were stuck on an island

A: “Girlfriend, Dope combo apparatus: Part fridge, part stove/compactor, & my recording studio setup. I would want to just live and create.” 


Q: If you can hang out with anyone from the past, who is it and why?

A: “Prince. If you get to kick it from one artist period, from any medium, I would have to take that opportunity to hang with Prince; If we’re talking about whole package, im not just interested in the making of the sausage, im interested in the raising of the cows, the market its sold in, etc. Also, my grandmother. I didn’t realize what incredible artist she was until after she passed. Would love to ask to ask her some questions.”


Q: What are you most excited about being featured on UD?

A: “Learning about the reason behind the work. The true intentions behind the story of UD. If the path is truly to illuminate things that are not as well known, that could link with my ethos, as well as building a network.”


Check out & support Matthew online!!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/eCUSSIONIST/

SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/the-ecussionist

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