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 Kyle Bent is probably one of the youngest artists in the industry at the moment. However, I would also venture to say he has some of the most creative lyrics and beats as well. I came across Kyle from his music video with Joyner Lucas, which stemmed from their most recent tour together. I have always been the type of person to listen to the actual words of the song rather than the catchy beat in the background. Music has been and will continue to be one of the most creative ways of expressing one's emotions and true feelings. All of these reasons combined is why I reached out to Kyle to find more about where his inspiration comes from.


We Deserve This Life...

Q: How did you get into performing music?

A: “Hip-hop was introduced to me by my homie in elementary school and I immediately started creating rhymes and lyrics of my own. It eventually progressed over the years, and here I am. I guess you could say I was immersed in it throughout my entire life."


Q: You’re only 19, what would you say accredited the most to your success at such a young age?

A: “I believed the shit out of myself, no matter how much adversity or what the road looked like ahead, I knew I would make it to the other side. Law of attraction, to put it simply”


Q: Are you releasing any new music soon?


A: “For sure. I'm dropping a new track on Jan. 30th, called 'Conundrum'. The video for it will be up about 2 weeks after the release.”


Q: Any big shows coming up?

A: “Not currently, but I'm sure something will come up eventually. Shows are always popping up. But I just got off of a tour with Joyner Lucas & Hopsin in October.” 


Q: If you could hang out with any music artist from the past, who is it and why?

A: “Jimi Hendrix keeps coming to mind, that cat was always high of life. Marley, Lennon, Michael Jackson would be a few other ones if I could keep going; I like all of their vibes.”


Q: Who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to your music?

A: “I wouldn’t say any of them are idols. I pull my inspiration from every day life, which is why I feel like my music can be so relevant to fans sometimes.”


Q: How would you best describe your music style?

A: “Conscious music. Not boxed into any genre currently, and I'm obviously going to expand my musical diversity throughout my career. I think of my music as very intellectual, but I don’t like falling into it too much.”


Q: What are you most excited about being featured on UD?

A: “At the end of the day, its promotion. I also like the whole idea behind the site as well, bringing light to the unkown.”



Be sure to check out Kyle on social media!!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KyleBentPage/

Twitter: @IamKyleBent

Website: www.kylebentmusic.com

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