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Scrolling through Instagram, I stumbled across a sponsored post about a clothing company based in NY called Made By Pavlo. Throughout my life, I have been immersed in streetwear culture, so something of this nature struck my designer sweet tooth. I ordered a hat that I thought was pretty dope. After I received the hat, it slowly became one of my favorite hats I own (Yes, I have a lot; Ask my friends.). Because of this, I decided to reach out to the owner, Anthony Mawyin, to talk to him about his clothing line and what inspires him to make some of the cleanest streetwear I’ve seen in a while.

Started on the Streets:


Q: What was your inspiration to start Made by Pavlo?


    “When I was in middle school I always wanted to start a clothing line. I was always immersed in the streetwear culture and hip-hop music. Between the time I was 13 until college graduation, I had started 3 clothing lines of my own that were total flops. I attempted to create clothing concepts, logos, etc. and sell them to potential buyers. After college, I got into advertising for a number of years and decided to try the whole clothing line thing out again. I took it a lot more seriously this time around, using my knowledge of the advertising industry. In spring/summer of 2015, I began to think of ideas and concepts for a new line. I tend to think of myself as an “idea guy” and am able to express myself through the clothing line.”

Q: Where did the name Made by Pavlo come from?

“I knew you would ask this question; In winter 2015, I would take time every day for a few months straight, trying to come up with a name for the brand. One day I stumbled across an article about a city called Pavlopetri. It turns out that this city was the one of the oldest cities discovered underwater, as well as being a very advanced city for their ancient times. What really caught my attention was the fact that they were known for being ahead of their time in fashion. I didn’t want to take the full name of the city, so I started out with Pavlo Petri, eventually dropping the Petri part. There came Made by Pavlo”.

Q: Sometimes the best things come from mistakes…

“Yeah man. I also came up with the “goat head” logo on accident. Everyone does their best thinking in the shower and I tend to write ideas in the steam on the shower mirror. One day, I wrote a “V” and my finger slipped. For some reason, it looked like a goat head, so I took a picture and sent it to my designer. A few days later, we have the end result.”

Q: Are you strictly online? Or do you have a brick & mortar store?

“Currently, we are about 85% online, but do have partnerships in a few boutique shops in Chicago and New York. We are currently in negotiations with another shop in Delaware and plan to continue to expand in this fashion.”


Q: You have a fairly large Instagram following, has that contributed to your success?

“Yeah. Success comes from initiative to advertise on Instagram. When we first began to advertise on Instagram, we gained 800-1000 followers. With aggressive social media advertising campaigns, we began to gain roughly 1000 followers a month. The power of the internet is insane. We almost hit a plateau, then we released the red/white Picasso hat (shown above) and developed another advertising campaign based off of it, and shit took off.”

Q: If you can tell the public one thing about your brand, what would it be?

“That from the beginning I told myself the reason this brand is unique because of what I believe in. I don’t follow trends I follow my mind. With that mindset, I feel people can match with that. High price, high quality, I wouldn’t make something if I wouldn’t wear it. “


Be sure to check out Made by Pavlo on social media!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/madebypavlo

Twitter: @madebypavlo

Instagram: madebypavlo

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