What's Going on in the Big Apple?

New York, the Big Apple, arguably the most iconic state in the nation and home of some of the most passionate sports, has been the center of a lot of media attention the past few days because of it’s sports teams. The Giants and the Knicks have recently made headlines for issues on and off the field.


“It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses Their Temper”


It started when Odell Beckham Jr. posted a picture of him with other Giants players on a boat in Miami less than a week before their playoff game against the Packers. He obviously received a lot of criticism for it because it was within a few days of a playoff game but that’s not the reason why we’re still talking about it. People are still talking about it because he struggled against the Packers. He had multiple drops, one would have been a touchdown, so people are blaming the trip on his performance. I, as well as multiple commentators and players, agree that he’s a professional, so a trip to Miami isn’t going to cause him to lose focus. Not to mention that the trip was a whole week before the game, not the night before. This morning Steve Smith Sr. was on the radio show The Herd, and said Beckham probably took himself out the game mentally. He went on to point out that after a couple drops he probably started to overthink things and if Beckham had a good game, win or lose, the picture would have became irrelevant. To add on to OBJ’s media attention, he also punched a hole in a wall after their loss. He’s a guy that plays with passion and I understand emotions can get the best of athletes, trust me I had my moments in the 15 years I played sports, but at the same time there’s a level of composure you have maintain at all times.


But that’s not all the news for the New York Giants. There have been reports the inside of their plane was “trashed” after it landed in Newark Airport. A Giants spokesman denied that the team did it but more than likely that’s a lie. Colin Cowherd on his show this morning made a good point questioning why the airline would lie. He said something along the lines of, “What does the airline gain from sending a cleaning crew, delaying other flights 2.5 hours and pissing off other customers?” and I believe Cowherd is 100% correct.



Family Matters

Last but not least, the latest report, Derrick Rose going MIA. Last night the Knicks had a game against the Pelicans and Rose was nowhere to be found. He wasn’t at MSG, he wasn’t at his home in New York and he wasn’t answering his phone. Turns out he was back in Chicago for what he says was a family emergency. The First Take crew chimed in on the reports and Stephen A. questioned Rose’s story and said that he should’ve answered his phone regardless. Max Kellerman decided he wouldn’t pass judgment until all the details are revealed but pointed out that Rose has been upset about not getting as much playing time in the 4th quarter and that if his disappearance is connected to that then there’s a problem. Earlier today Rose was at the Knicks practice facility and he was issued a fine by the organization. When he talked to the media he didn’t give any details of what exactly happened but said he had never felt like he did emotionally and didn’t pick up the phone because he felt he needed to be with his family. Again his reasoning for going to Chicago remains uncertain but rumors are swirling around the internet claiming that being away from his son, who lives in Chicago, has been weighing on Rose. Some other reports have said he was with his mother.


All in all, the two New York franchises need to get their players in check because off the field issues never bode well for teams. While the Giants have now released players for the off season, the Knicks are in the middle of their season and need to make sure Rose, or any other player, doesn’t skip out on anymore games. 

SportsAlec Bose