14,400 Minutes:The Mooch is Out After Just 10 Days


Anthony Scaramucci, who was the Communications Director for the Trump Administration, has been removed from his position after just over 10 days of service, making him the shortest serving communications director in history. This makes Scaramucci’s  tenure at the White House the shortest of any official appointed by Trump since he took office 6 months ago, with only the length of Donald Trump’s fingers coming close to being as short. The news comes just the weekend after Trump removed Reince Priebus from the chief of staff position and shortly after Sean Spicer resigned after Scaramucci was appointed. 

The move was prompted by the newly appointed chief of staff, John F. Kelly, a retired four-star Marine general. Kelly himself also leaves a vacancy by accepting his new position as former Secretary of Homeland Security. The new Chief of Staff has assured military discipline would be imposed on White House Staff and started to implement such an agenda by first getting rid of rambunctious, albeit short-lived communications director. 

In the 10 days he served, Scarmucci was divorced, missed the birth of his child and was planning to sell his business in order to serve at the behest of the president. His introduction to the White House press corp was filled with statements about how much he “loved” the president. He was the biggest trump loyalist there was. Some analyst and pundits, although probably genuine, was clearly a move to get closer to the president and expel everyone outside his circle. Even though Trump seems to value loyalty above all else, this is yet another example of how he will not extend such loyalty to those who offer it to them. 

When asked about the firing, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told the Corp during their briefing that President Trump had found the former communication director’s statements to the New Yorker reporter, Ryan Lizza, were “inappropriate for a person in his position.” Although Sanders declined to comment specifically on what the president found inappropriate about these statements. 

“Inappropriate” may not necessarily be good reasoning for an administration that ran on ending political correctness and defending “locker room talk.” Aside from this general level of crassness being somewhat regular for members of the Trump team, the president had apparently been thrilled with the expletive-ridden statement. Of course, this was before the resignation of Priebus and appointment of General Kelly. 

This could signal a change in the power dynamic of a tumultuous White House Senior Staff. A dynamic that has rested on the trust and loyalty of the president and has shifted dozens of times between Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner, and now to John Kelly. It should be noted that although it seems that John Kelly has the full confidence of the president to restore order to the White House staff, up until two weeks ago, Priebus enjoyed the same confidence. Up until yesterday, so did Anthony Scaramucci.