Character Flaws: Republicans


So I realize my criticism of the Left may not be well received and people may be upset. I very much welcome this criticism and look forward to having an open discussion. This may not happen in an internet age where everyone is offended by something, but I welcome any differing opinions. This is how we grow.

But if you thought the right was innocent, well oh boy we’re gonna have fun with you guys today. 

As I said in my last article about the problems with the regressive faction of Democrats and how it appears to be dominating the Left, I don’t think conservatives intentions are bad. I think the Right, just like the Left, really do just want to make the country a better place for their family and fellow citizens. However, unlike the Left, the authoritarian Right ideology has not only seeped into the conservative values of its voters, more importantly, it has seeped into the values of conservative representatives. These values have also been ingrained for much longer than it has the Left. Because of this, I believe it is inherently and existentially more dangerous than the regressive Left. 

I’m not even sure where to begin since I’ve had a chance to think about this a lot more than I have about the issues of the left.

Counter-culture is very powerful. It’s what has led many popular anti-SJW YouTubers like TJ Kirk, Chris Ray Gun, and Dave Rubin to become so popular. They go against the social mainstream to broadcast what are seen as otherwise taboo opinions. This is what originally brought people to stations like MTV; They build up an audience from this. I am included in this audience. But because of their dedication to counterculture, they consistently fail to mention any nonsense they hear from the Right since so many people are already covering the Right. Thus, their audience develops less nuanced opinions and anything SJW's even bring up is nonsense and the conversations go nowhere. That is why I am leveling this critique against the Right, because someone has to call out the craziness on both sides and elaborate, instead of saying “everyone is crazy, so I guess it’s a wash.” 

If it is hard to have a conversation with Democrat due to their inability to listen to others opinions that don’t align with theirs, it is difficult to have a conversation with a Republican, because there does not appear to be a shared sense of reality. Majority of Trump voters believe that 3-5 million illegal votes were cast in 2016 election, they also believe that illegal immigrants commit crimes at higher rates than native-born citizens, and even then they tend to think native born Americans look a certain way (hint: fairer skin). They believe that Islamic terrorism is on the rise in the United States despite there being a far greater threat of 'Right-Winged Nationalist terrorism'. They think crime is on the rise despite FBI stats that show it’s been on the decline for decades. 

Why are beliefs like this problematic? Well similar to the notion that liberals would shut down speech with terms like racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc., Conservatives, especially those who supported Trump, do not possess the capacity to discuss issues facing the real world because they are unable to agree with the rest of society on what “real” is. While liberal activism, something I’ll refer “overcorrection activism”, due to the nature of how social activism has evolved in this country, has caused us to focus on problems we don’t have, conservative thought has had the opposite effect. It has caused us to ignore problems currently present because such issues don’t line up with their perception of the world. The media focuses on a culture of violence and the lack of fathers in the black community as the sole reason for crime in areas like Chicago. When in actuality, a study by The Guardian noted that economic factors, such as poverty, poor housing, and failing schools, were actually a better indicators of where gun violence is likely to take place. However, this would shatter the Fox News narrative that “Blacks are more violent naturally” that has made the network so popular in the first place. 

So what do we do? Well like I stated with liberals, this requires us to come out of our bubble and be willing to be wrong, face rejection and uncertainty, and actually listen to one another. Conflict can be difficult, especially when we are as engrained in our beliefs as Americans so often are. This will not be a quick process, as getting us to see eye-to-eye on issues requires much more than one conversation about the same topic. But I believe if we are willing to let our guard down, get from behind the keyboard, and discuss issues in with someone we disagree with in person, I think we will be in good shape. 

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