"Get Him Out!": The Trump Administration Bans Press Outlets


It has been compared to Russia's treatment of the press.

Friday the White House barred press outlets that included CNN, BBC, The NY Times and a few others . Only after declaring them "the enemy of the people" during his speech at conservative political action conference. The move comes as a shock to those in the press

It is not clear if the actions taken were permanent in nature or what the reason for barring those specific outlets, but it is clear that the trump administration has an open disdain for the media as a whole. Although the president has expressed positive feelings towards Fox News.

It's important to note that the Obama administration attempted to bar Fox News from entering the press core at one point as well but backed down after threats from other media outlets threatening to boycott the White House press briefings. TIME magizene and the Associated Press have announced they will not be attending further press briefings until the outlets in question have their credentials.


This is just the latest attempt by the administration to discredit the media. Although this action is very significant in what it represents, in terms of the actual coverage he gets, it is relatively inconsequential. Most press outlets only have access to the White House press briefing for a few minutes and some of them don't get to ask a question for every briefing. The White House press briefing is designed to get the official statement from the president on specific issues. Outlets need only report on it after the fact in order for it to receive the coverage it needs.

Don't be fooled though. This administration is not just at war with the press. They are merely a soldier in their war on accountability as a whole. It's why they attack the courts after their decision to block the Tavel ban. It's why they falsely claim that those protesting are being paid by rich liberal activists. It is why they actively tried to suppress information coming from the FBI. They understand what they are doing is unpopular so they are doing anything in their power to keep people from knowing what they're doing while trying to discredit anyone who disagrees with them.

It is important that the American populous does not fall for this trick. Continue to question every official including the highest official in the land. Do not be satisfied with the simple responses. Don't be satisfied with the underwhelming policies or platitudes. Seek the truth actively.

PoliticsAlec Bose