MAFIA STYLE DIPLOMACY - Putin and Trump Meet Behind Closed Doors

The G20 Summit this weekend was kind of like your most recent trip to McDonalds. In that, it probably wasn’t entirely thought through and although you got some of what you wanted, you’re probably questioning the entire process and if the whole experience is really good for you in the long term. This weekend the G20 summit, a meeting of 20 world leaders in Hamberg, Germany, was marred with protests and controversy, as well as some interesting moments that made this years summit more striking than it was in the past. 

These moments can include President Trump and his staff forgetting to book a hotel for the venue, protests of the summit due to Trumps refusal to cooperate with the Paris climate agreement, the French president mockingly making his way up front to take a picture with President, and The President’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, taking his place on a panel discussion with the president of the world bank. In other words, President Donald Trump found a way to make the G20 summit interesting. 

However, possibly the most interesting, albeit private, moment from the G20 summit was the one-on-one meeting with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. A visual that can only be described as a scene from House of Cards. A scene that didn’t last long because, after a brief photo opp, the doors were closed off to the public and only Trump, Putin, and their interpreters were allowed in. 

p, Putin, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Russian Ambassador Sergey Lavrov, and both parties’ respective translators. To recap, that is four national officials conducting highly impactful international business behind closed doors and two people we can expect to turn up missing in 6 months…

The private meeting comes as mounting scrutiny is being attached to the White House for its ties to Russia as it relates to the 2016 election meddling. Secretary Tillerson stated the president “pressed him [Putin] on more than one occasion” Meanwhile the Ambassador Lavrov gave a somewhat conflicting account saying that Trump “was satisfied” with Putin’s denial of ever being involved in such election hacking. Conflicting accounts that probably wouldn’t exist if both governments weren’t as transparent as the flask you hide in your suit pocket at your ex-girlfriend's wedding. 


The meeting, originally scheduled for just over half an hour, lasted closer to two hours and had several key outcomes. Here are just a few:

  • A cease-fire was negotiated that took effect on Sunday, between the U.S, Russian, and Syrian governments. The deal sets up de-escalation in Syria and as of writing this, the cease-fire appears to be holding. Tillerson stated the cease-fire would be more effective than the others that have been negotiated since 2011 due to Russia’s increased dedication to peace.

  • The president on Twitter alluded to an “impenetrable joint cyber security force” with Russia via twitter and then backed down after a few hours. 

  • The was an alleged discussion of the situation in Ukraine where the US condemned the actions of Russia in 2014 with the annexation of Ukraine.


Of course all this would be much clearer if the only people in the room were not interested in telling the public as much about foreign policy as much as they tell a six year old about the details of its dead hamster that went to “live upstate” with your grandparents.  

While the main takeaway from this meeting should be the brokered ceasefire between the two governments, it is almost impossible to get the Russia-Election questions out of your head when no cameras are allowed in the meeting. If President Trump wanted to make it clear he had nothing to do with Russia, he could simply be as transparent as possible. Instead, the President censors the media from covering his meetings with Russia the sameABC Family censors a Richard Pryor special.

The Trump saga will continue on and we’ll try to give you our best take on it for more information you can read more at these links!

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