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I’m a big fan and user of social media, and when I got to VCU I naturally followed a lot of other students on Twitter. I remember there being this guy Josh on Twitter that had a bunch of followers and was always doing some promotion for differenct clubs in Richmond. Fast forward to 2017, the same guy has now started his own brand and is hungry to keep growing it. Josh is constantly grinding and I hope he continues to succeed in the future.


Tell me about yourself

My name is Josh Roth, I’m a senior at VCU studying business and entrepreneurship and I run my brand BeyondNightLife (BNL)


Can you explain what BNL is and how it got started?

BNL is a sports and 90’s apparel brand that we started last May and sells in Richmond and online through our website. When I was in high school I bought and resold shoes on Craigslist and Facebook but when I first got to VCU I stopped for a little bit. I got back into it last year and now I’m trying to grow and work on live events and bringing artists from all over to perform.


What do you spend your time doing outside of work?

Like Big Sean said, “I get off work and I work some more”. You have to have multiple streams of income so I Uber a lot.


Describe your typical day

I try to wake up around 9:00-9:30 to hit the gym and go on a run. After, I might go thrift some and post on BNL and get the website going. Then, I’ll probably hit the gym again and play some basketball, hang out for a little bit then go Uber.


At what age did you realize you wanted to become an entrepreneur?

Probably 7 or 8. My dad and I used to always go to the flea markets to buy and sell stuff. He always taught me to buy low and sell high.


What is your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?

Being on your own schedule but the thing about it is that you have to stay motivated. Nobody’s telling you that you have to go in at 10 o’clock but you have to get everything done.


What separates BNL from the typical buy, sell and trade apparel company?

We try to keep our prices low so college students can afford them. We’re also trying to be more than just apparel. We want to do apparel, events, music videos for artists, a little bit of everything. We want to be a brand.


What has been your biggest mistake since you started your business?

I guess just not starting sooner but I also might not have been prepared when I was younger. Everything’s in God’s plan and everything’s a lesson so I wouldn’t say there have been any mistakes.


What has been your greatest success since you started your business?

Teaming up with my boy Josh aka JSmoove. We’re both named Josh, so it just made sense. BNL is our brand and we’re making it work.


Have there been any major changes you made to your business model? And how did those changes affect your success?

I was looking at this one guy’s Instagram that runs a company and his feed was really clean. So I wanted BNL to look like that so I started posting 3 photos at a time to grab people’s attention. We also created our website this past Christmas, which was huge because now we have orders coming from California, New York, Florida and other places around the country.


What are some different marketing strategies you’ve tried and how did they work out?

We’ve been running some promotions on Instagram, which helped sales and we’re about to create some BNL T-Shirts for the summer. We also follow a lot of people from Richmond on Instagram and hope they see some stuff they like and find a deal.


How has being in Richmond benefitted your company?

Being in Richmond is great because it’s a new atmosphere for me since I’m from the suburbs. I get to meet so many new people and talk to them about my brand and a lot of people seem to like it.


What are your goals for BNL for the rest of 2017 and what are your goals for the next 5 years?

For the rest of 2017 it would be selling these BNL tees. For the future I actually got to talking to this lady will Ubering and at first I thought this should just be a company but I realized it should be a brand since we do a little of everything. I want BNL to open the door for something bigger.


How would you define success for BNL or for yourself?

Success for BNL for now is making sure everyone in Richmond has at least heard of us. I want to get on the level that Round Two is on, they’re the Golden State Warriors of Richmond.


Who’s one person that inspires you?

Round Two has inspired me to do what I do and my dad has inspired me too. His work ethic is great and just helping me become the businessman I am.


If you could spend the day with one celebrity who would it be?

My man Kevin Hart. I would want to go on a run with him and hopefully get some motivation, inspiration and tips on how to make the most out of my situation.


What are you most excited about with being featured on UD?

I’m excited to promote BNL and have an opportunity to network with some more people.


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Website: www.beyondnightlife.myshopify.com

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