The True Meaning of the Fake TIME Articles on Trump Golf Resorts

Before I had heard any news about the most recent conundrum involving the President and TIME magazine, I had seen a news alert from TIME magazine, with the banner reading “How to Spot a Fake TIME Magazine Cover”. I ignored it, filing it under other innocuous TIME or Weekend Headlines including “alerts” about ‘How to Spend Your Summer on a Budget’ or ‘How French Fries are Slowly Killing You in Your Sleep.’ It wasn’t until a our senior editor called me and asked me to do a story on the fake TIME magazine covers hanging up across Trump golf courses and resorts.


The fake cover, which TIME magazine has asked the President to take down at all of the public establishments he owns, naturally has Trump alone as the focus of the cover. The March 1, 2009 cover (which TIME magazine confirmed there was no issue released on that date) also includes some embellishing subheadings including “Trump is Hitting on All Fronts…Even TV!” or “The ‘Apprentice’ is a Television Smash!” The cover also included two photoshopped captions from a real issue published on March 2nd, 2009, with Kate Winslet’s face on the cover to represent her Oscar win for Best Actress. 


When asked about the fake TIME magazine covers that were being hung up at the President's businesses, Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated that they would not be able to comment on it at the time. The President, did find time earlier in the week to tweet about a retracted CNN story regarding Former advisor, Anthony Scaramucci, and his alleged Russian investments. 


This story comes at a time of low distrust of both the media and the White House. Leading to a few key takeaways from the entire situation as a whole:


  • CNN is becoming about as reliable as Samsung in terms of investigative news- Like Samsung, CNN in terms of its range of products, aren’t totally unreliable as it relates to their journalists. Some of their journalists do fine work, some others don’t.  But the fact that CNN has been caught up in so many scandals surrounding their reporting of terrorism and Russia, as well their overall ability to upset the Left and the Right with ‘neutral’ broadcast reporting model, makes them an ever-growing symbol of America’s distrust in mainstream media. 

  • The President himself is a distraction and an important story simultaneously- Should the media even cover this? Probably. Does it really affect that many people? Not really. So why even bring it up? Because the President’s communication and personal affairs, by their very nature, are news. But covering stories like this are not important in the way they echo what’s going on in the country or what the public generally cares about. But, these topics do serve as a regular reminder of the President’s character and propensity for hypocrisy.

  • Double-check your sources, even when the media doesn’t- It can be argued that the toughest part about reporting the facts in today’s media landscape is that information flows so fast that it can be difficult to get total accuracy. This is by no means giving CNN a pass since they are an insanely huge news conglomerate, with virtually infinite amounts of resources at their disposal. They should not be making those kinds of mistakes. But they are by no means the only outlet guilty of this kind of inaccuracy. I have said it before in previous articles; There is so much information, coming from so many different outlets, with so many different biases, that getting a truly objective take on a story is near impossible today without taking a look at several different sources. This was CNN's issue, and it’s an issue with the general voting public who rely on their news from one or two sources. If you want to be truly informed, don’t focus on Trump, don’t focus on the media, focus on the facts and then decide your position for yourself. 


At any rate, this story is truly hilarious and we couldn’t pass it up! 





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