Through the wonders of Kickstarter and the Internet as a whole, I have come across yet another astonishing startup out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. They have developed a way for anyone and everyone to have that extra sense of security, no matter where you go. Think about it like ADT for people! With a simple click, someone will contact you in order to make sure you feel more secure about the situation you may be in. With 3 clicks, either the police or an ambulance will respond to your location. The company is called Ripple. I got a chance to speak to Rees Gillespie, Founder & COO, in order to find out more about the product as well as the motivation & inspiration behind it all! Be sure to check out Ripple @ www.ripplesupport.com!!

Q: What was your initial inspiration to create something such as Ripple?

A: “My mom and my two younger sisters. My mom was a real estate agent and used to call me when she was nervous about showing a property to a stranger alone. Anything can happen after that door closes behind you and it’s kind of unnerving. Right now, if you’re in an emergency you have to take out your phone, dial 911, and tell them where you are & what’s going on. If someone is chasing you, you don’t really have that kind of time to do that. So I thought ‘What would be an easier way for someone to alert authorities in the case of an emergency?’”


Q: How does it work?

A: “First, you download the Ripple app from your App Store or Google Play store. You fill out the profile with your basic information (name, age, race, hair/eye color, etc.) along with a current picture of yourself. Then, you fill out any medical conditions or issues you may have, any medications you take, and any other information you would want first responders to know when responding. You can buy the Ripple product and 3 months of initial support service for $49 through our website. Additional months of service costs an additional $10 per month. The device connects to the app via Bluetooth. You can then select the options for the 3-clicks (police or EMT). Ripple Support has access to all resource numbers for your local area as well.”


Q: When do you plan to start production?

A: “April 2017, the app will go live and the product will begin shipping.”


Q: What would you consider to be Ripple’s mission?

A: “To provide the comfort and peace of mind that someone always has your back.”


Q: Is Ripple available online only or in retail stores as well?

A: “Currently only online, but Ripple should be in retail stores by mid 2017.”

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