Beneath the Surface: An Uncharted Preview

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Who doesn’t love new music? Who doesn’t love dope gear? Well, you’re going to find both at the “Beneath the Surface” artist showcase presented by UncharteDomain! The party starts January 25th @ 8 pm (doors opening at 7 pm) at the Broadberry on Broad Street. We can’t wait to bring you some amazingly talented artists as well as some local businesses selling one-of-a-kind custom gear that will be sure to turn heads. Tickets are only 20$ and can be purchased via the link on our homepage.

From the melodic tones of TenthMusic, to the hard-hitting hooks of Mally Black, Beneath the Surface is going to have some of the hottest, budding talent coming to you, LIVE!

Coming first to the stage is Infamou$ G, the Richmond producer-turned-rapper with a shining grill and an ear for trap beats. This guy flows on the beat with ease, probably because there is a good chance he made the beat he’s spitting on! He will be performing some of his toughest tracks including his most recent single “Proper” which you can check out here and more!

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Next up we have Carlos Valdes aka SaySolos. This new age, R & B artist and One$ide representative offers a smooth, yet hard-hitting sound that rocks the crowd. “I’m going to be doing something a little different. Something that no one’s expecting.” he told UD. “I am grateful to UD. Showcases like this are great with connecting with other artists and bringing your craft to an audience that may have never got to hear about it otherwise.” You can check out more SaySolos tracks here

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We will keep the R & B wave going with Jon Echols aka TenthMusic, the Virginia Beach singer/songwriter who graces some epic ballad with some truly amazing vocals. He has been singing and performing for years but has just recently started recording his own music. “I’m most excited to perform Ms. Melanin, a tribute to black women. Probably was the most fun to write and perform as well.” You can check the rest out here

Then we have Mally Black. A beast on the mic, this Richmond-native and VCU alumni gets crowds going with his hypnotizing lyrics, catchy repetition, and high-energy vocals. “People can unite around it and form audiences together through that close geography. Really grateful for the opportunity Mally has been rapping for a while now but says he began getting more serious about it when he turned 18. “People can unite around it and form audiences together through that close geography. I'm grateful for the opportunity!" he told us. Be sure to give him a listen.

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Going straight from Mally Black to Ryan Cam. Ryan Cam is a Hip-Hop and Pop-inspired artist that has developed a following via Soundcloud and  Instagram. Based out of Harrisonburg and JMU, this guy is no stranger to performing and killing it in front of a crowd. His music can best be described as “wavy-island vibes” set to some hype, trap-inspired instrumentals. “Any attention is good attention. If anyone is able to give you that little bit of attention, that is so valuable. It’s an opportunity to expose yourself.” He said when talking about the showcase. Listen to him here

We will wrap up the night with the captivating sounds of Trantic. This Trap-EDM inspired DJ has a knack for bringing audiences to complete Nirvana, bringing you some of the craziest drops the RVA has ever heard and making you want to dance until your feet fall off. You can listen to some of his most recent music here

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You won’t wanna miss these extremely gifted artists and the exclusive performance beneath the surface has to offer. The custom gear from Envisions and Art by Bryce will have people asking “Hey! where’d you get that?” Be sure to come out and support us and these emerging stars!!