Ryan Cam Drops RED


Ryan Cam, an up and coming Hip-Hop artist from Leesburg, VA, has officially released his 2nd EP titled, RED. UD was first introduced to Ryan over the summer a week after he released the video to Ride My Wave, his first hit off of his No Pressure EP. The guy’s following has grown exponentially since then! At the time we first interviewed him, the video had about 1,500 views on YouTube. Since then, the view count has increased to 10K, the song has 33K plays on Spotify, and he has 26,000 monthly listeners. As I sit here listening to RED while writing this, I can tell there was a lot of time put into the project. The production is great and Ryan really shows how versatile his style is. You can listen to RED on your favorite music platform HERE. Check out his thoughts on the project below!


How would you describe the album in one sentence?

Hmm, I’d probably describe it as a modern-influenced, hip-pop project. I don’t know, there’s a lot of different sounds on it and I really just wanted to experiment and keep pushing myself as an artist. I think I’m finding my unique sound by testing stuff out and seeing what works.


What was the inspiration behind RED? Does the color stand for anything and what does it mean to you?

Ryan 1.jpg

I feel like for every project I’m ever going to drop, the inspiration is just what’s going on in my life and what’s relevant to me. Recently, my career has been very relevant to me and I think that theme is scattered throughout the whole project. When I was naming it, I really wanted something that stood for all the main themes of the project: love, anger, passion, heartbreak, frustration. At first, I was thinking too literally about a name and then I thought of RED and to me the color just represents all those feelings in a very raw way.



What do you think are the biggest differences between No Pressure and RED?

I think one of the biggest differences is that RED is catered more to what sound is popular right now. It’s a more polished sound. I took my audience in mind and wanted to make something relatable and current, but also keep my vibe. I wanted to focus on the production and quality of the music as well, and I think the quality of this project is much better. It feels more well-rounded to me. But I’m not totally dropping my old sound, I’m still gonna keep that other vibe as well.


What was the most frustrating part about making the EP?

I didn’t realize how much harder it would be to make a second EP. People have expectations now and it’s difficult to find a balance between pleasing old expectations and growing as a new artist at the same time. So, I’d say the most frustrating part was wrapping my head around what I wanted this project to sound like as a whole and going from there, which is one of the first parts of the process.


Which song was your favorite to make and why?


I think B Roll was my favorite to make because I initially made it just for fun without thinking about putting it on the project but it had this unique bounce to it. And then going through the process of finding the right feature was fun. I had a few rappers come in to record verses for that part (shoutout Tyler haha) and everyone killed their verses! But when I heard what Indica did on it, it just fit so well and it matched the bounce so I was like that’s the one. 


What do you want people to feel when they listen to this EP?

Hmm that’s a good question. Since its a project I really want people to feel lots of different emotions through it, but overall I wanted to keep a “real and relatable” vibe to it. I feel like so much music nowadays is shallow but my goal is to always keep my true self in my music. So even if a song sounds shallow, look into it, there’s probably a real message underneath.


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