Bobby Soxers Back For "Bobby Tarantino II"

“Morty, calm down…of course of love Logic, who doesn’t like Logic? I mean, you’ve got to be an idiot if you don’t like Logic, but the question is, what Logic are we talking about here? Are we talking about mixtape Logic or album Logic?” This quote from Rick, from Rick and Morty, off Logic’s promotional video and first song on his ‘Bobby Tarantino II’ mixtape is what newer, especially post-1-800-273-8255 Logic fans have yet to understand.

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Past, Present, & Future Logic

Logic, while rising to popularity, has adapted and evolved his sense of style and delivery. He has made it a point to visibly and audibly have a difference between “Album Logic” and “Mixtape Logic”. Logic’s albums, Under Pressure, The Incredible True Story, and Everybody, tend to take full advantage of his platform, rapping to have a plausible message/something filled with meaning and importance or the telling of a story, verbally painting a mental picture in your head in which he in conveying to his listeners. While mixtapes such as Bobby Tarantino and Bobby Tarantino II are a primary focus on enjoyable party music, other mixtapes such as Young Sinatra, Young Sinatra Undeniable, and Welcome to Forever are simply pleasurable mixtapes filled with the verses, flow, and lyricism that we’ve come to appreciate in Logic, topped off with a sprinkle of partying mentalities and production. 


Bobby Tarantino II, aside from the first Bobby Tarantino, was filled with a handful of surprises that fandoms could truly appreciate. For starters, all Rick and Morty fans were ecstatic to see Logic promote his album with the creation of a Rick and Morty skit. Logic loved it so much that he made it the FIRST track on his mixtape as well. Secondly, features including Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, and Marshmello were great additions to this 13-track surprise mixtape. While he had all of these features, he also managed to put ‘Young Sinatra’, his old self, on a track… Logic put his past self, something he had previously recorded from possibly around 2011 or 2013, on Bobby Tarantino 2Who else does that? That is incredible. New Logic fans were probably listening to this song wondering where the feature is, left going, “Who’s Young Sinatra and when does he go in on the beat?!” Altogether, I feel as though I enjoyed each individual track slightly more on Bobby Tarantino rather than Bobby Tarantino II, but the slightly expanded track list, along with the addition of some great features was an excellent touch to this mixtape, as he seemed to be in sync and replicate each feature’s flow over their specifically designed beat. I am more than certain that after more and more listens to this mixtape that my opinion on it will escalate and I will love each individual track more as it will eventually trump the original Bobby Tarantino. Until then, pass me the aux cord and let me get everyone mindful of the party that is Bobby Tarantino II.

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