Syrian 'Chemical' Attack


The identity of Syria has been tainted with war torn stories that draw reference to their destitute government under the rule of Bashar al-Assad. In recent news, reports have been given that a chemical attack has infiltrated the city of Douma inside of Syria this past Sunday. Although unclear pertaining to who is the perpetrator and what the motive is, strong accusations have been made on multiple accounts that Syria is responsible for unleashing the chemical attack on their own people. Little information has been leaked on the topic within the last several days due to Syria’s government not giving sanctions for reporters, journalists, and investigators to be on the premise where the attack is said to have happened.

From the information known about this situation, approximately 500 people in the city of Douma reported to have been subject to the symptoms that coincide with the onset of a chemical attack such as burning eyes, foaming of the mouth and nostrils, and respiratory issues. Of the 500 people, 70 of them died, with 43 of the 70 victims suffered from what is believed to be the ramifications of extremely toxic chemicals. Videos circulated across the internet revealing families on the ground in front of their homes dead from what is presumed to be suffocation from the supposed chemicals that were in the air. These families were trying to escape their home, but fell victim to the biological warfare that was among them. However even with the information that has been delineated the days since the attack was reported, there has yet to be an accusation proven true, even on the account of Syria.

The question that remains is who is responsible for the plight of those who passed in Douma. The Syrian government openly stated that this was not an attack by them, rather an attempt by a rebel group in contra to the government who wanted to gain international support in their quest to free Syria from its current rule. Both Russia and Iran, allies to Syria, supported the country’s statement of not having any part in the situation at hand. The United States reaction to this attack was quite racy, with President Trump alluding to a missile strike in Syria this past Wednesday via a tweet. Trump also denounces Russia’s complacency with Syria, whom he calls “Gas Killing Animals”. The British government has decided to back the United States’ stance on the situation, with ministers under British Prime Minister stating that Syria should “deter the further use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime,”. France’s President Emmanuel Macron has come out to the media and claims that the French have proof that this attack was carried out by Syria. Macron stated that blood and urine samples have proved that there was at least chlorine inside the bodies of the victims affected by the attack, but has yet to give a source to back his claim. Higher ups in the Russian government have also responded to Syrian chemical convictions, mentioning explicitly to the United States and other leading powers that any missile that would be shot down in the defense of Syria.


What happens next in this ongoing series of events is unknown. The World Health organization has sternly requested access to Douma to investigate the actions taken place there. A military strike by either the United States and Russia, with France falling into the same narrative could take place in the near future as tensions rise between the powers on the case that Syria has violated the human rights of a multitude of their citizens. The United Nations has not been very vocal about the attack, as they have not begun inquiry of the attack. This is partly due to the US and Russia’s veto of each other’s request to uptake an individual investigation of the incident. Whereas the Organization For the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has announced that they will be embarking on a mission to Syria to get to obtain the facts that are buried beneath multiple circulated rumors. It is possible that the transcription of these events could lead to the fall of Assad’s regime in Syria, and any unforeseen actions taken place between the US, Russia, France, and Syria definitely have the potential to cause an uproar on the international scene.