Rugged Evolution- Beard Care for the Next Generation

Growing a beard can be rough, Rugged Evolution makes it smooth. 

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‘Your look’ is an important part the new generation. From tattoos to piercings, to fashion to our hairstyles, how you present yourself is not only a key to your success but an art form meant to express your creativity and originality. Recently, for men, facial hair has become an essential part of this expression. From prominent sports figures to captains of industry, beards have become the look that every guy looks for.

While it may be one of the most sought-after looks, no one really realizes how much work it takes to grow a well-kept beard until they try to grow one. In comes rugged evolution, An all-natural line of beard care products designed to improve the lines of beard growers everywhere. From humble beginnings, the brand has grown exponentially since it’s launch just over 6 months ago in August 2017 and has no signs of stopping. 

    Rugged Evolution Inc. CEO, Arrington Gavin, began growing Facial hair when he was in middle school. The private school he attended had some strict rules that included all boys being clean shaven. So throughout High school, he would constantly have to shave, which would irritate his skin and cause bumps and blemishes. Once he graduated and went to college, he had the freedom to grow a full beard with ease! Arrington felt good until people started giving him change because they thought he was homeless. He realized that a long bushy beard is not worth having if it is not well kept and healthy. 

“Part of me was a little offended, but the broke college student in me was like, ‘oh is this a $10?!'” he laughed. 

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Arrington did some research, tested some mixtures, and eventually began making his own all-natural beard products throughout his time in school. After he graduated he knew he had a product for the marketplace that would be for any man looking to grow well-groomed facial hair while protecting the skin underneath.

“Rugged is the new smooth” the 23-year old exec told me. “I want people to know they can sport a sharp beard in the workforce. It’s unique it’s fun, It’s almost like a brand on your personality.”

While there are a lot of brands out there to choose from when it comes to beard care today, Rugged Evolution looks to stand out from the crowd by providing a range of oils and balms for every demographic. From the working professional to the broke college student, Rugged Evolution is there to provide high quality, all natural products, at an affordable cost. “ We keep over Over 15 balms and oils and scents, as well as 2 different shampoos and conditioners. Our products work on different kinds of hair whether you’re black, white, Hispanic, Asian or Native American.” 

Arrington also advocates for consistent beard care with the use of Rugged Evolution products. They also sell brushes, combs and travel kits on their site. “If you’re looking to grow a healthy, good-looking beard and mustache, you have to regularly wash, come and brush. If you can’t grow a full beard, grow what you have and take care of that. You can still look great with a little facial hair. No matter what, you’ll always look better if you habitually take care of it.” 

Arrington has worked hard since the release. His products are now on Amazon and Easy and are soon to be in even more locations. “It took a lot for us to get trademarked and on Amazon, but we just had to keep working at it.” 

You can find more of his products at or on Amazon or Etsy.

Be sure to check them out on Instagram and twitter @ruggedevo and on Facebook at Rugged Evolution Beard Care. 

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